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Британская авиакомпания BMI считает, что Карабах принадлежит армянам

Четверг, 30 июля 2009

Призываем азербайджанцев, наших соотечественников зарубежом, а также друзей Азербайджана направить письма протест на официальный сайт авиакомпании.

Как сообщает Bakililar.AZ со ссылкой на АзерТадж, бортовой журнал авиакомпании BMI, выходящий под названием Voyager, отметил на карте Азербайджана административные границы нагорно-карабахского региона форматом государственных границ, традиционно оставив без «внимания» не только Абхазию, Южную Осетию и Приднестровье, но на этот раз даже Косово, независимость которого была признана многими государствами мира, включая саму Великобританию.

Призываем наших граждан выразить протест, отправив в редакцию Voyager и в руководство BMI стандартное письмо.

Для этого необходимо отправить в редакцию Voyager по адресам robina.dam@ink-publishing.com, stefan.bartsch@ink-publishing.com, kevin.rolfe@ink-publishing.com письмо нижеследующего содержания (в графе «Тема» напишите Gross mistakes in Voyager), а также войти на страницу feedback авиакомпании BMI в http://www.flybmi.com/bmi/en-ie/contact-us/feedback.aspx и скопировать тот же текст в графе “Your Comments”:

To the Attention of BMI Management and the Editor of “Voyager” magazine:

Recently several gross mistakes were noticed on the webpage of BMI as well as in the “Voyager” magazine, which question territorial integrity of Azerbaijan.

1) The map of Azerbaijan that is given in the “Flight and airport info” page fails to show the region of Nakhchivan, which is an Azerbaijani exclave bordering with Iran and Armenia. The current map (incorrect) is here:


The correct map would be as follows:


I urge you to replace the current map with the correct one as suggested above.

2) Furthermore, for some reason you decided to place Azerbaijan under “Asia”, whilst considering Georgia and Armenia to be “Europe”. This is completely wrong as the entire South Caucasus (as a whole) is treated as one region and regarded as part of Europe and no divisions can be made within this small region. I call you to correct this mistake as well and move Azerbaijan from the “Asia” category to “Europe”.

3) Finally, in the “Voyager” magazine the administrative borders of the Nagorno-Karabakh region of Azerbaijan are marked with state borders, creating the wrong impression as if Nagorno-Karabakh is an independent state. Meanwhile, it is completely wrong as Nagorno Karabakh is an internationally recognized part of Azerbaijan, and the self-proclaimed so-called “Nagorno Karabakh Republic” is not recognized by any country, even by Armenia. The U.K. government has also unequivocally recognized Nagorno Karabakh to be an unalienable part of the Azerbaijan Republic. Strangely, the administrative borders of Georgia’s similar breakaway regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia (recognized only by Russia and Nicaragua) are not marked at all, nor is Moldova’s separatist region of Transnister. And what makes the map completely confusing is the fact that Kosovo, whose independence has been already recognized by many EU countries, including the U.K., is not shown on the map at all, and in “Voyager” it still goes as part of Serbia. I wonder what made the authors of the map treat Nagorno Karabakh somewhat differently from the cases above and mark this secessionist region with semi-criminal authorities with the state borders?! Does it mean the editorial board of “Voyager”, contrary to the official position of the British government and reputable international organizations, such as UN, OSCE, Council of Europe, has unilaterally decided to recognize this separatist province controlled by war criminals?

I strongly urge you to replace the current wrong map (this is the scanned version: http://usazeris.org/integrity/voyager%20-%20map,%20incorrect.jpg) with the one (correct map) suggested in the following link:


I hope you will correct the above mistakes in the shortest possible time and without the interference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan, which, I believe, is fully authorized to suspend the operation of all foreign companies in Azerbaijan, including airlines, that violate national legislation and fail to comply with international law, including those relating to the territorial integrity of states.

Источник: Bakililar.AZ: новости Азербайджана